The name Rancher is truly an overly broad statement, that holds may definitions within it. It can be difficult for someone with no real ties to the profession to understand what a rancher is. Breaking down what a rancher is, shows different aspects the simple version is. Ranchers are Dry Land Farmers who’s crop is the native grasses and forages. When ranchers properly manage their crop, the weather and God smiles on you and allows the Rancher to graze cattle to harvest his crop, then providing a way to market it and in turn earn a living. Drought, Fire, Vandalism, Bad Management Practices and a variety of other influences affect the Ranchers crop and result in either no livestock or a limited supply of livestock to harvest the crop, creating no returns on investment for that year.  Due to restrictions and guidelines set by the federal management agencies and the unique challenges within the multi use lands there are many factors and variables that go into growing, protecting and harvesting the crop of native grasses each year. In most instances irrigation is not allowed, Fertilizer, seed and pesticides are never allowed Ranchers are forced by regulation to rely solely on the following:
•Sound management practices
•Constant monitoring of the health of the rangeland before during and after cattle are used to harvest the grasses.
•Feeding livestock anything other than natural forages is not allowed, you can provide protein and minerals as long as it only supplements the forage

Ranching Truth.

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