Tomi Lahren, NCBA and R-CALF Debate COOL

A major debate is currently being held on Facebook between some organizations regarding Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for Beef sold in the US.

February 23, 6:00PM Tomi Lahren Posted “The swamp rats and big meat packers won’t do it, but the American family can. #DemandUSABeef #LabelOurBeef #COOLin100


February 24, 8:00AM Within 14 hours of Tomi Lahren post, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association came out with this response.

“NCBA calls bull on the #FakeNews that aired on Tomi Lahren’s show recently. For the real facts about mandatory labeling and trade, visit


“R-CALF USA Responds to NCBA Attack on Tomi Lahren #demandUSAbeef #COOLin100 #labelourbeef “

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