Defending your ranch: Develop allies, not enemies – Beef Magazine

Everyone deals with government agencies, whether at the local, state or federal level. Make them your allies, and everyone’s world is better.

Burt Rutherford | Mar 14, 2018


If there was a central theme during the Cattlemen’s College session on interacting with federal agencies—and there most definitely was—it’s that you can accomplish a lot more by working together, communicating and establishing a level of trust than you ever can by bowing up, locking horns and pushing back.

The Cattlemen’s College sessions were held on the first day of the Cattle Industry Convention in Phoenix last month. If you’ve never attended the convention, the Cattlemen’s College sessions alone make the trip well worthwhile.

All four speakers, two from the beef business and two representing federal agencies, echoed that theme, using examples from their own experiences to show how successful you can be by cooperating with others.


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