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The fascinating story of how Ronald Reagan, self-proclaimed "sagebrush rebel," took his revolutionary energy policies to Washington and revitalized the American economy.
In Cows Save the Planet, journalist Judith D. Schwartz looks at soil as a crucible for our many overlapping environmental, economic, and social crises. Schwartz reveals that for many of these problems―climate change, desertification, biodiversity loss, droughts, floods, wildfires, rural poverty, malnutrition, and obesity―there are positive, alternative scenarios to the degradation and devastation we face. In each case, our ability to turn these crises into opportunities depends on how we treat the soil.
For the Love of Land describes practical, proven methods for bringing degraded landscapes--grasslands, rangelands, savannas, and farmlands--back to life through mimicking natural migratory grazing patterns with domestic livestock. Through a combination of essays describing nuts-and-bolts management guidelines, the natural history of grazing, and inspiring stories of successful practitioners of landscape stewardship and restoration, For the Love of Land points the way to an ecologically, economically, and socially regenerative future.
Covers Roots of Conflict, Genealogy of Federal Lands, Sectionalism, Forest Reserves, Private Rights, Courts, Economic Vandalism and more. (Description by http-mart)
Why Do Americans, and Particularly Westerners, Fell Less Free? What Happened to Our Constitutional Liberties and the Rule of Law? Congress enacts ambiguous statutes demanded by radical groups; federal bureaucrats implement those laws as the groups demand; then, out-of-control activist judges, in lawsuits brought by those groups, interpret the laws as those groups insist.
This book tackles an increasingly crucial question: What can we do about the seemingly intractable challenges confronting all of humanity today, including climate change, global hunger, water scarcity, environmental stress, and economic instability?
This book relates the historical story of the westward expansion of this country to the Pacific Ocean. As the ever increasing population moved west to create new settlements, homesteaders stretched across the open land as well. It traces: