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Thanksgiving is almost upon us and it’s time to bite into that big juicy slice of turkey. But have you ever noticed the marketing label on the package where it says “no added hormones and steroids?”

Folks, we are being deceived! Like many other marketing phrases on food labels that I’ve debunked here, there is no such thing as added growth hormones in poultry or pork. It doesn’t even exist. By law, if the label “no added hormones or steroids” is used on a package of pork or poultry products, it must be followed up with an asterisk and fine print: *federal law strictly prohibits the use of hormones in poultry. Here are seven reasons why chickens and turkey can prosper and grow without the use of added hormones.

All different types of food naturally contain hormones. So do animals and people, obviously. But you may be surprised to see the levels of these hormones. What if I told you that there are more hormones in a bun than there are in an actual burger?

That’s right, folks. White bread can contain 300,000 nanogram of estrogen, try comparing that to other foods here:

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Farm Babe: What you need to know about growth hormones in meat