Farm Babe: Antibiotic resistance from livestock to humans, easily explained – AGDAILY.COM

Did you know that all meat and dairy products are antibiotic free? If farmers use antibiotics on livestock, by law that animal must go through a withdrawal period to ensure the drug is no longer in their system. This means that by the time it reaches us, there is no antibiotic residues in the finished product. All meat, egg, and dairy products are safe for us, no matter what marketing labels come on a package.

So what’s the deal with all this “antibiotic resistance” hype? Well, it can be very confusing if you try to Google it. Most people don’t have time to read a 100-page study, and most of us are aware that the media sensationalism of people like Dr. Oz is less than honest. To break it down to an easy-to-understand format, I enlisted the help of Dr. Kerry Keffaber, chief veterinarian of scientific affairs at Elanco Animal Health.



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